Homeaid Houston & Empire Communities To Build A Home For Kids

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Empire Communities and Homeaid Houston

Empire Communities will be partnering with HomeAid Houston for a greater cause, which is going to be another groundbreaking venture. HomeAid Huston is a charity of the Greater Huston Builder Association, also known as the GHBA.

HomeAid Huston has brought about a change in numerous people's lives. 14.7 million dollars has been added in real estate with the completion of 50 of their projects. These projects happen to help homeless women, men, and well as children. For this project, HomeAid is partnering with Empire Communities for the construction of a third cottage to be added for Boys and Girls Country.

On the other hand, the development plans for the cottage is to begin late spring. This partnership is one of its kind as it would be the very first time both these companies come together as a team to build a structure of significance. The cottages are to be built for the purpose of embodying an environment that feels safe and is additionally nurturing towards the children who will experience it. This specific cottage will be available for the boys and their ‘teaching parents' to live in. 

These teaching parents will be living on site with the boys, in order to encourage them to live better lives. This will ensure that the boys also have a stable environment surrounding them at all times. It will, in turn, help the children to build trust and plan brighter futures for themselves.

cottages at Boys and Girls Country

​This specific program was established in the year 1971. The predominant was to be a ray of hope for the children who come from unstable families. There are 11 cottages, all-inclusive wherein the children spend time with their teaching parents.

There are different types of teaching parents. The first being married couples with children of their own and the second being single parents. All of these families intend to raise these children as their home and provide them with a safety net. Eighty-eight children from the age of 5-18 are housed within these cottages.   

HomeAid’s president made a statement wherein he mentions, how honored the company is to be partnering with Empire Communities on their cottage. And Empire communities reciprocated with the same excitement and honor for this partnership. Their vision together is to build a structure, which is a safe place for those who are facing homelessness. They want to encourage young minds to flourish by setting them in an environment that will promote constant growth.

Empire Communities are a renowned company, which operates as homebuilders. Their constructions offer commercial, industrial, residential, luxury home, and affordable housing. The company was founded in the year 1993 and is based in Vaughan, Canada. In their 25 years of experience, they pioneer to build structures and homes, which make everyday life richer and more sustainable.

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