Empire Communities Helps With the Boys and Girls Country Cottage

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Empire Communities, one of the esteemed real estate firms in Ontario, is helping out with construction tasks of a cottage. Empire Communities has donated a large number of construction materials for building a cottage. Along with the materials, Empire Communities is assisting in the activity by providing labor as well as services.

Details about the cottage

The cottage is going to cover an area of 8100 square feet. It is in construction to provide accommodation for eight boys in the Boys and Girls Country Cottage. Empire Communities is leading the entire procedure.

It has done recruitment for multiple vendors and suppliers. All the trades that are essential to cover up the costs and manage the budget of the construction is being handled by Empire Communities.

The idea of the construction is to provide personal bedrooms to all the eight boys. These boys have never had a room of their own for a living. The cottage in construction is the third one by HomeAid. HomeAid facilitates homes or accommodation rooms for its campus in Hockley.

Also, the cottage is going to house children’s teaching parents. For the cottage, proper planning and designing are in place. It is going to instill the feelings of security, nurturing environment, as well as warmth. It is going to be a safe haven for the children.

Multiple vendors contributing for a good cause

There are ample vendors who have agreed on contributing to the cottage construction. These vendors include Vortex Construction, 1st Texas Fire Protection, DPIS Engineering, Builders First Source, and Wisenbaker Builder Services.

Vendors like JP Hart Lumber, James Hardie Building Products, and Kent Moore Cabinets are also a part of it. There are few more, such as Builders Post Tension, House of Power, GE Appliances, Certainteed Roofing, D&E Plumbing, Sherwin Williams Paint, TruTeam, Lone Star Air Systems, Arrow Glass Industries, Home Pro, Countrywide Roofing and Progress Lighting.

A safe haven for the youth

Woodforest Charitable Foundation is providing the funding for the Boys and Girls Country cottage. Along with Empire Communities, Rafael Casas is the manager of the construction project.

It is a great thing to observe that there are firms who are considerate and helpful about providing safe and secure accommodation for the youth.

The cottage construction is almost complete now. After reaching midway, an event called ‘Notes and scriptures of love and hope’ was also held. In this event, the attendees wrote inspirational content on the structure of the cottage walls.

Boys and Girls Country cottage is actually an accommodation that accommodates Christian children who belong to the families facing a crisis. The cottage is an offering to help these children prosper better and overcome the hardships that are going through.

It was in the year 1971 when the cottage program was first started. As of now, the cottage has accommodation provision for 88 children of ages between 5 and 18 years.

Empire Communities is doing its bit to help these children lead a better lifestyle and have a roof over their heads to survive through their life positively. It is making the entire procedure seamless and ideal for everyone. Therefore, Empire Communities is achieving great appreciation for it. Click here to stay us to date with related articles.

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